Eighteen Servings (18)

Asian Inspired Fried Rice

Stir Fry Vegetables And Short-Grain White Rice With Herbs And Soy Topped With Tender Marinated Chicken Strips


Bacon Mac And Cheese

Baked Macaroni With Cheddar Cheese Sauce And Bacon Bits


Spaghetti Bolognaise

Ground Beef Napolitana Sauce Served With Spaghetti


Beef Pasta Skillet

Slow Cooked Beef Chunks With Mixed Peppers, Onions, And Tomato Fried With Penne Pasta


Chicken Fried Noodles

Sweet And Sour Chicken Stir-Fried With Spaghetti, Mushrooms, Beans, And Peppers


Cottage Pie

Minced Meat With Vegetables Topped With Mashed Potato And Then Baked To A Crisp


Chicken And Bean Curry

Tree Bean Curry With Chicken Bits Served With White Rice


Vegetable Chicken Stew

Mixed Vegetable Stew And Chicken Pieces Served With White Rice


Grilled Chicken And Rice

Mixed Grilled Chicken Served With White Rice And Broccoli


Beef Stew

Slow Cooked Beef Stew Served With Crushed Herb Potato Cubes And Oven Roast Vegetables


Chicken A La King

Pulled Chicken With Creamy Vegetables And White Rice


Spicy Meatballs And Mash

Beef Mince Meatballs With Spicy Marinara Sauce And Silky Mash Potatoes

Eighteen Servings (18)